UCLI’s Education Committee seeks to make legal careers accessible to all interested students, particularly those from historically underrepresented groups. The committee focuses its work in three areas: educational outreach, mentoring, and financial assistance. Read more about UCLI Education Program here

Organizational Inclusion & Advancement

UCLI’s Organizational Inclusion Committee works with attorneys, legal employers, and Utah’s business community to ensure inclusive workspaces for all attorneys. The committee’s work focuses on the UCLI Certification Program, explained in detail here

Tracking Progress

UCLI’s Tracking Progress Committee works with the Utah State Bar and other partners to gather reliable data reflecting the current makeup of Utah’s legal profession and to track the progress of DEI initiatives over time. Learn more about how UCLI tracks progress here.

Community Outreach

UCLI’s Community Outreach Committee develops partnerships with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other community groups, in an effort to increase proximity between lawyers and diverse communities in Utah and to better meet the needs of such communities. 


UCLI’s Development Committee oversees fundraising efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of UCLI’s projects and operations.


UCLI’s CLE Committee plans CLE events to discuss current DEI topics and provide learning opportunities for lawyers and judges interested in DEI in the profession.

Committee Chairs: Zach Scott Roemer and Sadé Turner

Committee Chair: Briggs Matheson

Committee Chairs: Christy Glass and Zach Scott Roemer

Committee Chair: Cliff Parkinson

Committee Chairs: Juliana Yee and Christina Jepson

Committee Chair: Jonathan Hafen