UCLI Certification Program Overview

One of UCLI’s objectives is to provide Utah’s legal employers, businesses, and other organizations with the tools necessary to tackle the existing and future hiring, retention, advancement and inclusion challenges for women and other diverse attorneys. To that end, UCLI has developed a UCLI Certification Program.

Through the Certification Program, UCLI will strive to do each of the following to benefit the legal profession and Certification Program participants:

  • Develop effective strategies, methods, policies, standards, and practices for best advancing organizational diversity and inclusion;
  • Assist businesses and employers with attracting and retaining diverse talent;
  • Obtain and analyze the data concerning the state of diversity and inclusion in Utah in order to track the progress of Utah’s legal profession;
  • Provide, upon an organization’s request, the organization’s diversity/inclusion record and UCLI Certification to potential clients that seek businesses in Utah that are committed to diversity and inclusion; and
  • Host consultations, training and workshops to organizational leadership/management and internal groups on implicit bias, cultural competency and other inclusion efforts.

Benefits of UCLI Certification*

Benefits of UCLI Certification include the opportunities to:

  • Increase diversity and inclusion within your workplace and become more innovative and competitive as a result;
  • Access the most effective strategies, methods, policies, standards, and practices for best advancing D&I;
  • Improve your ability to recruit and retain top diverse talent and to attract clients who seek diverse representation;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to D&I to those within and outside your organization with this objective, credible, and respected statewide certification.

* Completion of the Certification Program Criteria does not guarantee the realization of these benefits by the organization.

How to Become UCLI Certified in 2020*

By enrolling in the UCLI 2020 Certification Program, an organization commits to doing each of the following by December 31, 2020 (please see also the 2020 Terms & Conditions):

  • Designating a UCLI Representative from your organization’s leadership as primary UCLI contact;
  • Adopting and starting to implement a D&I Policy of your choosing within your organization (see samples here);
  • Hosting a one-hour UCLI CLE presentation to your organization on UCLI’s purposes, the importance of D&I, and related issues, and providing incentive for your employees to attend;
  • Having at least two members of senior management, at least one of whom is a male (if applicable), complete at least three hours of D&I related CLEs or training annually (For legal employers with 10 or fewer attorneys, having at least one member of senior management complete at least three hours of D&I related CLEs or training annually);
  • Becoming a UCLI Sponsor or hosting/volunteering at a UCLI or D&I related event; and
  • Completing a UCLI survey on an annual basis to assist UCLI in tracking the progress of Utah’s legal profession on D&I issues (confidential reporting permitted).

Enrollment for UCLI’s 2020 Certification Program is closed. For questions, contact James Sorenson and Aida Neimarlija at

*Criteria may evolve each year to match the community’s needs. UCLI will work with legal and business representatives statewide to continuously develop the program. Any changes to the criteria will be announced in the fall before the enrollment deadline for the following year. The participant must be enrolled in the UCLI Certification Program at the time it displays a UCLI Certification Logo in any media/materials.

2020 Certification Program Enrollees

2020 Certification Oversight Committee

The UCLI 2020 Certification Oversight Committee is comprised of three members from the business community who will oversee each of the enrollee’s completion of the Certification requirements.  The Chair of the 2020 Oversight Committee is Melanie Grayson ().

UCLI Business Council

UCLI’s mission is also supported by a group of in-house counsel who serve on a recently formed UCLI Business Council.  The founding members of the Council include in-house representatives from national and local companies and organizations, including but not limited to: Ebay Inc., O.C. Tanner, Larry H. Miller Group – Automotive, Rocky Mountain Power, Vivint Solar, 1800 Contacts, Mustang Development, Instructure, Zions Bank, Ivory Homes, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, EDC Utah, Pluralsight, Backcountry, Adobe, Dealersocket, U.S. Ski & Snowboard and others.

UCLI looks forward to working with Utah firms and other organizations on these joint efforts.  For any questions or to get involved, please email us at .