Intern Stories

Winter 2023

Khai Ronquillo

My passion for government stems from my interest to spark change. My experience of customer service, volunteering, interning and college education has given me the necessary tools to communicate effectively, strategically, and passionately. As a life long learner I hope to continue adding on to my skill set so I can not only become the best version of myself, but also positively influence the work/school environment around me.
Summer 2023

Montse Martinez

I am a dedicated first generation student at Brigham Young University studying Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. Actively seeking part-time or full-time internships in PR, marketing, project management and the legal field, I aim to leverage my analytical and research skills to enhance unity and communication among diverse publics. During my time as a Programs Coordinator at BYU Multicultural Student Services, I demonstrated strong analytical and research skills, successfully coordinating cultural dance programs for large audiences. Working at this center has allowed me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and share their stories

My passion for diversity and inclusion fuels my commitment to bringing people together, evident in my involvement in The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion as a Programs Development intern and a Programs Coordinator at The Multicultural student Services for BYU. In each role, I thrive on working creatively, collaboratively, and with diverse teams to achieve common goals.

Looking ahead, I aspire to continue my commitment to diversity and inclusion as a PR Specialist in political communications, the state capital, or even makeup brands. I have successfully implemented communication strategies, crafted compelling written content, and developed multimedia stories using tools like mirrorless cameras and video editing software. This hands-on coursework has equipped me with the skills to effectively communicate complex ideas, ensuring a compelling narrative that resonates with diverse audiences. I believe this career path aligns with my goal of contributing to positive change through effective communication strategies.

Furthermore, I plan to attend law school. This career path aligns with my goal of providing hope to individuals and contributing to a safe and fair environment. My current studies at Brigham Young University have kindled my enthusiasm for the legal field, and I am eager to apply my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in this field.

Winter 2024

Christina Rodriguez

Fall 2023

Sunni Begay

Summer 2021

Ivan Brea

Writer focusing on the intersection of faith, culture, and the human experience.
Summer 2020

Amanda Moody

Fall 2022

Jennifer Portillo

Proud daughter of immigrants and first-generation student. Aspiring attorney who is passionate for international activism and immigrant advocacy. Brigham Young University alumni.
Fall 2023

Diane Bahati

Having migrated to the United States as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), I developed an interest in law and policy. My country has suffered from wars and natural disasters that caused my family to become displaced. The lack of leadership my country has been facing for decades motivated me to inspire change in this world, through public service. As I seek to gain more experience through the internships offered, I understand that my motivation comes from my family's life experiences and more.

For the past three years, I have been an intern in the Utah legislature. I have gained the skills and knowledge to understand how the legislative process works while learning how to effectively and carefully communicate with members of the Senate and House representatives. Given my current role as a communications fellow for the Governor of Utah, I am keen on pursuing opportunities within the Public Information Office, as it aligns well with my existing skill set and experiences. Because our team represents Utah’s governor, we require the utmost professionalism, proper respect, and discretion even when we disagree with some perspectives. While actively engaging in the political sphere, I've gained an understanding of the significance of effective communication through spoken words.

As a 3rd-year student at the University of Utah, I plan to continue my path in the law and political field. I plan to attend law school after graduation to become a legislative attorney. Being a first-generation student from the DRC I want to use my resources to help others because I understand what it means to need that help as well. With my goal of becoming a public servant, I believe that there are many opportunities out there for me that will guide me to the experiences I need for my future. I offer strong writing and research skills, coupled with a comprehensive grasp of state-level government structures and political issues. My adaptability, teamwork, and professionalism make me well-suited to contribute effectively to any team I am on.

Winter 2024

Urah Goh

I am a student at the University of Utah majoring in International Studies and Political Science. Passionate about diversity, world affairs, and social change, I strive to be a lawyer in the future. Through my experiences at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. and at the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion, I have gained valuable knowledge on the work of attorneys and have grown my enthusiasm for the legal career path.

In my free time, I enjoy being creative through music and art. I also love going on runs, learning languages, and watching movies whenever I get the chance.

Summer 2020 & Fall 2020

Alfredo Barrera Miranda

Alfredo (Freddy) is a first-generation Mexican-American born in Santa Ana, California and raised both in Santa Ana and Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the proud and eldest son of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college graduate. Freddy graduated from New York University (NYU) with a major in Politics.