Mentoring Program

UCLI’s Mentoring Program for diverse students is an evidence-based, comprehensive mentoring program that promotes equity and inclusion within Utah’s legal profession and justice system by providing students from underrepresented backgrounds with resources, opportunities, and networks of support aimed at facilitating their success in the legal profession.

Become a UCLI Mentee

UCLI’s Mentoring Program delivers presentations at K-12 schools on the importance of law and legal education and is presently offering direct mentoring for diverse students at undergraduate institutions and law schools. Enroll as a mentee today!

Become a UCLI Mentor

UCLI’s Mentoring Program welcomes the involvement of law students and members of the legal profession committed to making a difference in the lives of students with diverse backgrounds. To become a UCLI Mentor, sign up here.

Become a UCLI Mentoring Task Force Member

Join the team of attorneys and judges who oversee and implement UCLI’s Mentoring Program through such efforts as: creating and delivering school presentations on the importance of law and benefits of legal education; forming contacts at local schools and institutions to aid the recruitment of mentees with diverse backgrounds; and developing resources, opportunities, and programming for UCLI mentees.

To get involved, contact Mentoring Task Force Co-Chairs Melinda Bowen () and Kristen Olsen ().