UCLI Certification Program FAQ

Below, UCLI has provided answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Certification Program. Read the Certification Program Terms & Conditions here.

For additional questions, please contact .

What does it mean to be “UCLI Certified"?

Certified Organizations have fulfilled each of the yearly Criteria and are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the UCLI Certification Program.  They are encouraged to report promptly the status of their progress with regard to each criterion, which is regularly updated here.

How and when does my organization schedule an in-house presentation with UCLI?

It is recommended that an in-house presentation be scheduled as early in the year as possible. Please email to request a date. It is further recommended that the managing personnel and all employees attend such presentation.

Is there a fee associated with the in-house presentation?

UCLI typically charges an honorarium of $250 for small organizations and $500 for larger organizations for its one-hour presentations. However, for UCLI 2021 Certification Program participants, UCLI only encourages each organization to donate an amount, in lieu of paying UCLI’s standard honorarium, for the presentations. This donation will support UCLI’s operations and program development and help UCLI be a greater resource to the organizations and our community.

While a 1-hour CLE credit typically costs around $25 per attorney, UCLI recommends a significantly reduced donation schedule:

  • $15 per attorney for organizations with 1-12 attorneys

  • $200 overall for organizations with 13-30 attorneys

  • $500 overall for organizations with 31-50 attorneys

  • $750 for organizations with 51+ attorneys

Donate to UCLI online or via check:

Attn: Kaitlyn Pieper
Utah Center for Legal Inclusion

645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Will the attendees of the in-house presentations receive a CLE credit?

The CLE credit approval for the in-house presentation is currently pending.

Is monetary sponsorship required for Certification?

Monetary sponsorship is not required but is greatly appreciated, as UCLI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeks ways to cover costs associated with its operations and projects.  To donate or become a sponsor, please do so here or email us at

Is UCLI Certification open to solo practitioners?

Yes. UCLI welcomes solo practitioners to become UCLI Certified. Should any certification criteria prove to be not applicable to a solo practitioner, UCLI is open to tailoring a certification requirement accordingly. For example, in lieu of the requirement to host an in-house diversity and inclusion presentation for one’s employees, solo practitioners may instead host a one-on-one meeting with UCLI to discuss their particular needs and objectives.

What type of sponsorship or hosting/volunteering activity qualifies for the Certification?

UCLI invites all Certification Program participants to get involved with UCLI’s projects.  Some examples include: getting together a Get Proximate team from your organization for a community-based service project; hosting a group of students with diverse backgrounds for a job shadow day; having a team of mentors sign up for UCLI’s Mentoring Taskforce; and others.  A more extensive list of our projects can be found here, and you can inquire about any opportunity by emailing us at .  Organizations’ diversity & inclusion efforts outside of UCLI are also absolutely encouraged and can count toward fulfilling the 2022 Certification Criteria.  We invite the participants to update UCLI about their activities at .

How does UCLI define an “organization’s leadership” in terms of designating a UCLI Representative?

Businesses and organizations should designate as the UCLI Representative a person with the broadest decision-making authority. Typically, such Representatives would include a president or vice president of the company, the chair or vice-chair of the board, the managing partner, an attorney director or assistant director, or alike. For day-to-day communications and projects between the organization and UCLI, the organization may also designate an additional representative with less decision-making authority as a contact. To help with marketing of organizations’ efforts, organizations may provide a marketing contact as well.

Does UCLI encourage or require that UCLI Certified employers institute demographic quotas in their hiring practices?

No. Through UCLI’s Certification Program, UCLI aims to serve as a resource to legal employers and other businesses and organizations in developing the policies and practices that will be best suited to facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations. While data strongly suggests the benefits to progress and accountability of setting measurable goals regarding compositional diversity (see the list of 100+ legal employers that have adopted such practices), UCLI does not impose such requirements. UCLI offers its research on sample diversity and inclusion policies as a reference for organizations, who are welcome to exercise discretion over which measures they implement according to their particular structure, needs, and circumstances.

Does UCLI permit confidential reporting for its annual surveys?

Yes. The primary objective of UCLI’s annual survey for Certification Program participants is to track the progress of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession as a whole rather than at the level of individual firms and organizations. Any UCLI publications based on the survey results will report aggregate data and will maintain anonymity for individual participant information if the participant has indicated a preference for doing so. Should an organization desire to have and/or make public its data for educational, marketing, or other purposes, it will be able to obtain a copy of its results from UCLI by emailing .

How can my organization further support the aims of diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond enrolling in UCLI’s Certification Program?

UCLI invites organizations and businesses to get involved in one or more of the following ways:

  • Becoming a Founding Sponsor to support the development of UCLI’s programs focused on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Utah’s legal profession and institutions;

  • Joining a UCLI Committee to help lead the implementation of UCLI’s D&I initiatives;

  • Organizing a community service opportunity for your organization through UCLI’s Proximity Task Force;

  • Volunteering as a UCLI Mentor to empower students with diverse backgrounds to pursue legal education and succeed in the legal profession.