UCLI Education Program Overview

UCLI’s Education Program, PLEDGE (Promoting Legal Education to Diverse Groups Everywhere), seeks to make legal careers accessible to all interested students, particularly those from underrepresented groups. The committee focuses its programming in three main areas, educational outreach, mentoring, and financial assistance. These efforts are focused on K-12 students, pre-law students, and current law students.

K-12 Outreach

UCLI seeks to reach students early to encourage the pursuit of higher education and careers in the law. This is accomplished through our partnerships Meadowlark Elementary and the Utah State Bar’s Committee on Early Diversity Outreach.

Pre-law Students

UCLI accomplishes outreach to pre-law students through our UCLI internship program, which helps pre-law students participate in UCLI programs and operations and networking opportunities with Utah attorneys and judges. The UCLI Pre-law Symposium is offered each Fall. This program offers pre-law students a chance to hear from law school representatives, current law students, and Utah attorneys. Attendees get a great overview of the law school application process, life in law school, and options for working in the legal field in Utah.

Law Students

UCLI offers the Utah Law Student Mentoring program to give law students the opportunity to be mentored by current Utah attorneys and judges. This allows students to gain practical knowledge of the realities of the legal profession in Utah.


UCLI offers scholarships to undergraduate and law students. Financial assistance is available for LSAT and Bar exam preparation. Fellowships are also offered to give financial assistance and practical work experience with Utah’s legal community.