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Kickball and Cupcakes Cap Off Another Successful Year of Meadowlark Mentoring

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The 2023-24 school year marked the fourth year of UCLI’s mentoring program with Mr. John Arthur’s 6th grade class at Meadowlark Elementary. Meadowlark is located in the Rose Park neighborhood on the west side of Salt Lake City. This is one of the oldest and most rewarding programs UCLI has been involved in. The program grew out of necessity during the pandemic. Mr. Arthur, or “Captain” as his students affectionately refer to him, noticed a need to help his students to remain engaged and on pace during the remote learning period of the early COVID-19 pandemic. He turned to his good friend Melina Shiraldi, who is an attorney in the Salt Lake City US Attorney’s office. Together they developed the idea to bring attorneys into the classroom via Zoom to mentor students with their writing skills. The program was immediately effective and popular.

The program was so successful that Mr. Arthur decided to continue it after his students returned to the classroom. UCLI has been partnering with the class ever since. On most Fridays during the school year, 20-30 attorneys Zoom into the classroom to help students improve their creative and persuasive writing skills. In the past few years attorney mentors have also taken the opportunity to visit the classroom, or to have the class visit their law firm offices. Last year’s class was also lucky enough to visit the Utah Supreme Court and meet several of the Justices.

This year was no different. The mentoring was successful and enjoyable for all involved. The year’s mentoring ended in mid-May with a kickball and cupcake party. Mentors were able to help students craft the perfect message for their Mothers Day cards. The group then had cupcakes and donuts and enjoyed a rousing game of kickball where the mentors faced off against the mentees.

UCLI is grateful for Mr. Arthur and his wonderful students. This truly is one of the most rewarding programs. The next round of mentoring will begin in the Fall with the 2024-25 school year. If you are interested in participating as a mentor please contact UCLI Associate Director, Jon Wayas, .

May 2024 Marks Successful Kickoff for Another Great Year in CLE Offerings

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The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) was able to reach thousands of attorneys both in Utah and nationally through the broad array of CLE offerings in 2023. May of 2024 marks the beginning of UCLI’s offerings in CLE for the year, and has already seen a continuation of the trends set in 2023. UCLI and other partner organizations were able to deliver three great presentations in the month of May.

First, on May 6 UCLI partnered with the Litigation Section of the Utah State Bar, Parsons, Behle & Latimer, and the University of Utah SJ Quinney College of Law to present an “Overview of the Bystander Initiative”. The Bystander Initiative at the S.J. Quinney College of Law is led by Professor Amos Guiora and a team of 10 student research assistants dedicated to the work of criminalizing bystanders and enablers of abuse. The Initiative is undertaking numerous projects including a book, law review articles, and legislative efforts that focus on the role of the bystander and enabler in the U.S. and globally. Acknowledging the entire systemic framework around sexual and other abuse is central to the Initiative’s efforts to prevent and prosecute abuse.

The goal of the Bystander Initiative is to:
– Hold enablers and bystanders accountable
– Work with legislators around the world on criminalizing bystanders and enablers
– Engage in widespread education on the harm caused by bystanders and enablers

This event provided the Initiative a platform to present their goals and research findings to the Utah State Bar at large. Professor Guiora was joined by two of his students who have been instrumental in the Initiative, Anna Hall and Diana Pogosyan. The hybrid event was well attended.

The second event on May 7 was the first session of the UCLI 2024 CLE Series. This was titled, “The Great American DEI Discussion”. This was delivered virtually by UCLI Co-President, Christina and her fellow Parsons, Behle & Latimer Shareholder, Michael O’Brien. The two delivered an in-depth discussion of the ramifications of the 2023 Supreme Court ruling in SFFA v. Harvard/UNC. They also discussed the recent bills discussed and passed in the 2024 Utah Legislative session. The narrative centered around what these decisions and laws do now, and what the potential next steps will be legislatively that will likely affect attorneys and the practice of law more directly. The online audience totalled more than 600 attendees who provided lively feedback both for and against the current state of DEI.

The last event was held on May 20 as part of the annual conference of the National Consortium for Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts. This year the Utah State Courts and the Office of Fairness and Accountability (OFA) were asked to host this national conference. The conference was held in downtown Salt Lake at the Little America Hotel. The conference and Consortium are concerned with studying and furthering diversity and fairness in state and federal courts across the country. UCLI Associate Jon Wayas was asked by OFA Director Jonathan Puente to convene a panel of the Utah State Bar affinity groups to discuss efforts to build inclusion and opportunities for attorneys of all backgrounds in Utah. The panel included Jessica Ramirez, President of the Utah Minority Bar Association, Amber Stargell, Secretary of the Utah Black Lawyers Association, Brit Merrill, President of the Women Lawyers of Utah, and Anaya Gayle, the President of the LGBTQ+ and Allied Lawyers of Utah. The panel gave these leaders a chance to highlight the successful programs they have established to serve their members and the Utah State Bar as a whole. There was also discussion of the challenges they are facing, and how they are working together to find innovative solutions. This was a successful event which provided another opportunity to highlight the important work these groups are doing with a national audience.

This is just the beginning of the UCLI’s 2024 CLE offerings. Our next session will be an ethics CLE on June 25 as part of the Utah State Bar’s “Procrastinators Series”. There will also be a session on August 20 as part of the Utah State Bar’s Virtual Summer Convention. This session will focus on the judicial application and nomination process in the Utah State Court system. We will have more sessions in the Fall, with more details coming toward the end of the summer. UCLI would like to share our deepest appreciation for all participating CLE faculty members and planning committee, as well as to our partners and sponsors for these recent and future CLE events. We hope you will join us in these discussions for the remainder of 2024.

Pre-Law Fellowship Workshop Made Possible by Mentors

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On Saturday May 11th, UCLI held the third UCLI & Kirton McConkie Pre-Law Fellowship Workshop. Parsons Behle & Latimer kindly offered to host us in their law offices in downtown Salt Lake City, providing a beautiful venue and a great lunch for all participants. Special thanks to Parsons Behle’s Chief People Officer, Nicole Farrell, who made all the necessary arrangements and took time out of her weekend to join us in person for the event. 

We were honored to be joined by Paula Gluzman, a consultant and the director of Diversity & Inclusion at Spivey Consulting Group, who flew to Salt Lake City from California to join us for the day. This workshop was the first of three that Paula will conduct in person to focus exclusively on law school applications, walking the Fellows through the process and helping them hone their application materials. The focus of this first workshop was resumes, letters of recommendation, and addenda. Fellows received targeted, specific information about how to be successful with each of these components of the law school application, then sat down with a mentor to implement the principles they learned about. 

Utah is full of incredible attorneys who routinely sacrifice their time to make our community a better place to be, and it was inspiring to see the four who joined our workshop this past week. Nicole Farrell, beyond facilitating the event logistics, also provided an introduction to her firm and her own legal journey for Fellows, then assisted them one-on-one with their resumes. Her colleague Monica McCann, an associate attorney at Parsons Behle, volunteered to join and not only worked with Fellows individually but also provided an impromptu presentation during lunch that described her own journey to a legal career in Utah and provided additional pointers on successful resume characteristics. Two of the Fellowship’s formal mentors joined on Saturday as well, Maria Cruz, Legal Counsel at Intermountain Health, and Scarlet Smith, a shareholder at Strong & Hanni. Each had helpful, practical advice for the Fellows and powerful personal examples of how to combine professionalism and a people-driven passion in their careers.

We thank Paula Gluzman and each of the attorneys for their time and effort on behalf of the 2024 Pre-Law Fellows. We also extend our gratitude to program sponsors Kirton McConkie, University of Utah Office of General Counsel, LSAC DEI Pipeline, Utah Bar Foundation, and Family Law Executive Committee Bar Section for their contributions that have made all of this possible.

Maria Cruz, attorney at Intermountain Health, assists Sophie Gordon with her resume

Monica McCann, an attorney at Parsons Behle, discusses resume pointers with University of Utah student Iradukunda Esperance

Strong & Hanni attorney Scarlet Smith looks over law school application materials with Utah Valley University senior Victoria Roberts

The 2024 UCLI & Kirton McConkie Pre-Law Fellows with attorney volunteers on May 11, 2024

*This project received funding from the Law School Admission Council, Inc. (LSAC).  The opinions and conclusions contained in this document are the opinions and conclusions of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of LSAC.

UCLI Encourages Secondary School Students to Consider Legal Careers During Career Fair Season

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Each spring secondary schools across Utah hold career fairs to expose students to professionals from various careers. UCLI had the opportunity to participate in a number of these fairs to share with students the incredible opportunities available to them in the legal profession. UCLI Associate Director, Jon Wayas, was able to attend three of these events in March and April.

The first event was March 8 at the Utah Military Academy in Lehi, UT. This charter school focuses on career and college readiness with an emphasis on pursuing military service upon graduation. The school serves grades 7-12. This tabling event was a great way to connect with students and educate them on the ways attorneys serve all sectors of our society, including through military service.

Utah Military Academy

On April 10, Jon attended the career fair at Canyon View Junior High in Orem, UT. This fair was a breakout session style event. 8th grade students were able to pick from a variety of careers and were able to attend 30 minute presentations. This style was a great chance to elaborate more in-depth on what attorneys do, and what is needed to become an attorney. It also gave the students a chance to ask great questions about the legal profession. This format provided the chance to talk to over 125 students during the 3 hour event.

The final event on April 26 was with the Utah International Charter School based in South Salt Lake, UT. This was the third year we have been able to participate in this event. The school is open to all students. However, the student body is made up primarily of new immigrants and refugees. These students come from all over the world, with many coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. Despite some language barriers the event is a great chance to expose students to the legal profession, and to consider it an option for their future.

Utah International Charter School

We are honored to be asked to attend these events. They are extremely rewarding. We appreciate the chance to connect with students who are interested in the law, or who are open to learning more about the profession. UCLI is always looking to extend our reach to more students. If you are interested in having us come to the next career readiness event at your school contact us at . We look forward to sharing more with students in the 2024-2025 school year.

UCLI announces 2024 UCLI Bar Review Scholarship Recipients

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The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion in partnership with the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Utah State Bar is pleased to announce the 2024 recipients of the UCLI Bar Review Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to law students who are registered to take the July 2024 Utah State Bar Examination who have an exceptional record of service during their law school careers. Scholarship funds help students cover expenses of registering and studying for the bar exam. 

Congratulations to the nine recipients of the 2024 UCLI Bar Review Scholarship: Jordin Annett, Lauren Cormany, Kekai Gonsalves Cram, McKaela Dangerfield, Harriet Norcross Eppel, Jasmine Harouny, Breeze Parker, Anthony Tenney, and Jehicob Torres. Find out more below about these amazing scholarship winners.


Jordin Annett (pronouns she/her)

As an 8-year-old Jordin Annett was pulled out of the school system to be homeschooled but, due to the severe mental issues and illnesses of her parents, never really received an education. At the age of 18 Jordin googled, “how to apply to college” and applied to BYU as a last-ditch attempt to escape her abusive family situation. Miraculously she was accepted without a verified high-school diploma and later graduated from BYU via zoom during Covid-19 with a Bachelor of Science. In April 2024, at age 28, Jordin walked in a graduation ceremony for the first time in her life when she received her J.D. from J. Reuben Clark Law School. Jordin has spent much of her time at BYU working to make campus more welcoming. As an undergraduate she helped established BYUSA’s annual Mental Health Matters Program, as a law student has served as the student lead for Community Space (a working group that focuses on LGBTQI+ issues at the school), and as a founding board member for BYU’s NAACP chapter. Jordin is also one of the inaugural BYU Law Achievement Fellows Scholarship recipients and a Utah Minority Bar Association 2022 Pipeline Scholarship recipient. Personally, her hobbies include traveling to places she’s technically not supposed to be at, eating excessive amounts of cannoli, and participating in extreme sports. Jordin is extremely grateful to the Utah Center for Inclusion and the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Utah State Bar for their generosity in awarding her a 2024 UCLI Bar Review Scholarship.


Lauren Cormany

Lauren will graduate with a J.D. and a Certificate in Natural Resources & Environmental Law from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and received a B.A. in History & Political Science with a minor in International Agriculture from the University of Tennessee. Lauren is passionate about access to justice, especially for communities experiencing environmental and housing issues. During law school, she served as the Environmental Editor of the Utah Law Review, helped her team win Best Brief for Petitioner at Pace University’s National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, and completed several internships in government agencies and non-profit organizations. After graduation, she hopes to pay forward all the incredible mentorship she received during law school and continue her volunteer work with the U’s Pro Bono Initiative. 


Kekai Gonsalves Cram

Kekai (Kiki) Gonsalves Cram is a recent graduate of the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University. She also received a B.A. in English Teaching with a minor in Spanish from BYU. At BYU Law, Kiki was involved with the Pacific Islander Law Student Association and BYU Women in Law. Her legal experiences range from working for a real estate solo practitioner in Hawai’i to working at a Salt Lake City immigration law firm. She loves writing, storytelling, and serving others.

McKaela Dangerfield

McKaela graduates from the S.J. Quinney College of Law with her Juris Doctorate and a certificate in Public Interest Law and Policy. McKaela is a native Utahn and earned her undergraduate degrees from the University of Utah in Social Work and Political Science. During law school, McKaela served as the Student Director for the Pro Bono Initiative’s Family Law Site, the President of the Public Interest Law Organization, the Golden Rule Pro Bono Fellow, and was honored with the 2024 Outstanding Student Leader Award. McKaela is passionate about the welfare of children and families in her community and is determined to make legal services more accessible, functional, and empathetic to these populations.


Harriet Norcross Eppel

Harriet Norcross Eppel graduated from Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. During her three years at BYU Law, she participated in the Women in Law, American Constitution Society, and other student groups. She served as a board member for the Environment, Energy, and Resources Society, as well as an officer for the Provo chapter of If When How. She enjoyed summer internships at Immigrant Legal Services in Salt Lake City and the Utah County Public Defender Association. She currently works in campus sexual assault investigations and conflict resolution, and looks forward to serving in her community as a licensed attorney. She is passionate about expanding legal access and assisting the underrepresented.


Jasmine Harouny

Jasmine is a 3L at the University of Utah and will be sitting for the bar this summer. She grew up in Utah and is a first-generation college graduate on both sides of the family.  She earned her undergraduate degrees in Broadcast Journalism and German from BYU. During law school at the U, Jasmine has loved her experiential learning opportunities within the community the most—whether that be working with the Youth VOA Resource Center, volunteering at the Pro Bono Clinic, or ​helping judge high school mock trial competitions. Jasmine was the 2023 National Moot Court Competition Regional “Best Oral Advocate” and hopes to one day focus on appellate work to participate in meaningful discussions about how the law affects the community. After graduation, Jasmine will work as an associate with Babcock, Scott & Babcock, PC. 


Breeze Parker

Breeze Kauakokoipohaiapunināmoku Waipā Parker was born and raised in her humble hometown of Kalihi, O’ahu. As a first-generation Native Hawaiian law student, Breeze’s experiences growing up in an underprivileged community have garnered her passion for immigration, civil rights, and Native rights law. Breeze has worked as a law clerk for Perretta Law Office, which specializes in immigration law, a CJA (Criminal Justice Act) mentee for the Utah Federal Defender’s office, and a Federal Indian law research assistant for BYU Law’s Associate Dean Michelin Steele. When she’s not working or in school, Breeze enjoys spending time with family, surfing, dancing hula, and playing volleyball. Breeze is excited as she will be working in Washington D.C. as a part of the DOJʻs Honors Program at the Board of Immigration Appeals.


Anthony Tenney

Anthony frequently moved as a child before attending high school in St. Marys, Ohio. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Ohio State University. In high school, Anthony began working at neighbors’ farms and the local McDonald’s. He continued working in the service industry throughout school and after graduation, when he lost his job due to the COVID lockdown. That’s when he decided to come to Utah and study law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. Anthony knew that he wanted to become an employment and labor lawyer because of his experiences in the service industry and family history in unions. Anthony plans to help build strong communities with solid jobs through organizing and advocating for workers’ rights.


Jehicob Torres

Jehicob Torres is an expected graduate of the J. Reuben Clark law school. Prior to law school, Jehicob completed a bachelor’s degree in political science at Utah Valley University. During his time at law school, Jehicob was a member of the trial advocacy team and moot court team. His team won first place at a national moot court competition hosted by the Hispanic National Bar Association. He was also the president of the Latino/a Law Student Association. He externed for Justice Paige Peterson of the Utah Supreme Court. He has also volunteered at the BYU Community Legal Clinic to help families with immigration needs such as applying for  U.S. citizenship, permanent residency, and asylum. After taking the bar, he will go clerk for Judge Alberto Rivas in New Jersey. 

The Pre-Law Fellowship Continues

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On Saturday April 13th, UCLI held the second Pre-Law Fellowship Workshop at the SJ Quinney College of Law in Salt Lake City. This session was crafted to provide Fellows with an understanding of the components of a law school application, the admission process, and the typical daily experiences of a law student. Additionally, Fellows had the opportunity to tour the premises and engage in a panel discussion. 

At the beginning of the session, Fellows embarked on a brief tour of the premises to acquaint themselves with the school’s offerings. Following the tour, Paula Gluzman, with Spivey Consulting, took the floor to discuss the intricacies of the law school application process. Throughout her presentation, Fellows got insights into the CAS report, recommendation letters, and how to submit applications on LSAC. Following this segment, UCLI interns Urah Goh and Christina Rodriguez facilitated a panel discussion featuring Isabel Moreno, the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at SJ Quinney College of Law; Dean Reyes Aguilar, the Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; along with law students Bree Spaulding and Nate Bramhall. Post-discussion, Fellows had the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. 

After the panel, a brief “get-to-know-you” session was conducted for those who couldn’t attend the initial Pre-Law Fellowship workshop. Following this activity, Fellows enjoyed lunch and had the chance to network with the panel members for the remainder of the workshop. 

We would like to thank the SJ Quinney College of Law for providing the venue for the workshop and for attending. Thank you to Paula Gluzman for her presentation on the law school application and the panel members. We also extend our gratitude to our sponsors Kirton McConkie, University of Utah Office of General Counsel, LSAC DEI Pipeline, Utah Bar Foundation, and Family Law Executive Committee Bar Section for their invaluable contributions to this program.

Networking Event Caps Off Another Year of Mentoring Program

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One of UCLI’s main goals is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in Utah’s legal profession and UCLI understands the importance of networking when it comes to that goal being met. Networking not only helps build relationships, it also helps build confidence and helps an individual gain new perspectives, resources and opportunities. Unfortunately, individuals who come from underrepresented communities lack the relationships, confidence, resources and opportunities in a professional environment. That is why UCLI heavily emphasizes the importance of networking, to increase the diversity of the individuals that are networking and helping ones from underrepresented communities have the same access to opportunities, relationships, confidence and resources as everyone else.

On Friday, April 5 2024, UCLI hosted a speed networking event for the Utah Law Student Mentoring (ULSM) program, at the Edison House in Downtown Salt Lake City, where law students from the two law schools in Utah, S.J. Quinney School of Law and J. Reuben Law School, as well as attorneys from a variety of different fields, got to meet and interact with each other for an evening. Not only did law students and attorneys share similar interests, different ideas and contacts. There was also food and drinks served and gift cards earned over a game of bingo. 

The ULSM program looks forward to hosting more networking and skill building events to help expand resources, connections and opportunities within underrepresented individuals and helping everyone have the same opportunities that are beneficial to building one’s career in the legal field.

Donor Spotlight: Florence J. Gillmor Foundation

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The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) likes to dream big for Utah’s legal community and students, but would not be able to actually implement programming without the vision and time of amazing attorney volunteers and leaders, or without the generous donations of foundations. 

UCLI is grateful to receive – for the sixth consecutive year – a grant award from the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation. The Gillmor Foundation aims to support many worthy initiatives within Utah, including the promotion of education and the pursuit of justice. UCLI and the Gillmor Foundation share a common vision for a state where students are supported in their educational pursuits and able to follow their vocations of choice, and UCLI is honored to be one of the recipients of their grant awards in 2024. We are also delighted to announce that the funds received from the Gillmor Foundation included a 1:1 matching grant for both the Michael Foundation grant award and for the individual donations and silent auction contributions at the UCLI Fundraiser Luncheon: Mentorship Matters on March 21, 2024. 

Like the Gillmor Foundation, UCLI is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for Utahns of all backgrounds. Thanks to this generous grant, UCLI will be able to continue its PLEDGE Program (Promoting Legal Education to Diverse Groups Everywhere). In 2024, these funds will allow us to work with students aspiring to be attorneys at every level – K-12, undergraduate, and those within law school – to provide crucial resources that will allow them to meet their goals. We are grateful to continue these vital efforts and are indebted to the donors who allow UCLI’s work to continue. Thank you, Gillmor Foundation, for the many ways you make Utah a more vibrant and inclusive community, and for your kind support of the UCLI mission.

Third Annual UCLI Fundraiser Luncheon, “Mentorship Matters”

By News

On March  21st, 2024, the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion held its Third Annual Fundraiser Luncheon: Mentorship Matters at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek. We were grateful to be joined by nearly 250 guests, representing numerous law firms across the state, as well as Utah’s courts, and other organizations. We were also grateful to be accompanied by Ray Quinney & Nebeker and Parsons Behle & Latimer as our Impact Sponsors, as well as our incredible guest speakers. 

The event began with co-chair board member Fran Wikstrom, welcoming all attendees and introducing this year’s fundraiser theme “Mentorship Matters”, the importance of mentorship, and the work UCLI is continuing to do in supporting mentorship. Fran then segued into introducing the first Impact Sponsor, Nichole Briceno representing Ray Quinney & Nebeker as well as the second Impact Sponsor, Christina Jepson representing Parsons Behle & Latimer. After short words from the Impact Sponsors, sixth grade teacher Mr. John Arthur was introduced onto the stage. There was an epic chest bump and a standing ovation before he was even through with his speech. After Mr. Arthur’s inspiring words about mentoring the students in his classroom and UCLI’s Meadowlark Mentoring Program, attendees were then introduced to Utah State Bar President Erik Christiansen, who spoke about why one should choose to donate to support UCLI and how all donations would be met 1:1 by a matching grant from the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation. After Erik Christiansen, Noami Botchway, a current BYU Law Student and recipient of the Utah Legal Inclusion Fellowship (sponsored by UCLI, Intermountain Health and Kirton McConkie), took over the stage with her wisdom and experiences with mentorship. Following Naomi’s words, attendees were presented on a video filmed and edited by current UCLI Interns Aileen Vargas, Urah Goh, and Christina Rodriguez. This outreach video is titled “Voices of the Rising Generation”. The short video captured different individuals on their perspective on mentorship. The video can be found here

After the video, keynote speaker Dr. Christy Glass was introduced. Dr. Glass is a professor of sociology at Utah State University. She offered profound perspectives on mentorship and its significance, emphasizing her key message: unlocking mentorship’s transformative power benefits both others and ourselves. You may view her inspiring and practically helpful presentation here

The Luncheon also featured a silent auction with 25 different items. Items including Utah Jazz 360 club tickets, Snowbird lift passes, tickets to the Leonardo, and other exciting items. We are very grateful for everyone that contributed to the silent auction. 

Thank you to all who attended the 2024 UCLI Fundraiser Luncheon and for your generous donations and support. The individual donations and silent auction bids – when matched by the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation – will total $26,000. All of these funds will go towards advancing UCLI’s mission, providing mentorship and resources to students as they make it and to and through law school and beyond. We are grateful to have another successful event and to have guests be able to attend and support UCLI’s mission. Without each individual, organization, and law firm, UCLI would not be where it is today. 


Thank you to our Impact Sponsors

Ray Quinney & Nebeker 

Parsons Behle & Latimer


Thank you to our Scholarship Sponsors

Kunzler Bean & Adamson

Rocky Mountain Advisory

Keller Preece


Thank you to our Table Sponsors

Strong & Hanni


Foley & Lardner

Kirton McConkie

Snell & Wilmer

Greenberg Traurig

And Justice For All

Holland & Hart

Workman Nydegger

Young Lawyers Division

Spencer Fane

Parr Brown


Lowenstein Sandler


Thank you to our Silent Auction Donors

Brighton Ski Resort

Chef Arturo Thompson

Clark Executive Detailing

Natural History Museum of Utah


The Leonardo

Utah Jazz

Utah Olympic Park

Cactus and Tropical

Hale Center Theatre

Healing Mountain Massage

Kings English Bookshop

Centerpointe Legacy Theatre

Downtown Alliance

Kelly Fletcher Jewelry


Utah Symphony/Utah Opera

Caffe Molise

Ballet West

Donor Spotlight: Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation

By News

The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) has a lot of dreams and is committed to making them a reality, but would simply be unable to do it without the support of amazing volunteers, gifted professionals, and generous donors and foundations. 

UCLI is grateful to receive – for the third consecutive year – a grant award from the Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation. The Michael Foundation aims to support the promotion of education, the advancement of health and scientific achievements, and the prevention of cruelty to children. They are especially interested in giving to programs that encourage secondary and higher education. UCLI and the Michael Foundation share a common vision for a state where students are supported in their educational pursuits and able to follow their vocations of choice, and UCLI was honored to be one of the recipients of their grant awards in the 2023 cycle. We are also delighted to announce that the funds received from the Michael Foundation are subject to a 1:1 matching grant, generously provided by the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation – so the impact of this gift will be doubled.

Like the Michael Foundation, UCLI is dedicated to facilitating educational advancement for Utahns of all backgrounds. Thanks to this grant, UCLI will be able to continue its PLEDGE Program (Promoting Legal Education to Diverse Groups Everywhere). In 2024, these funds will allow us to work with K-12, undergraduate, and law students – providing mentoring opportunities and financial aid in the form of fellowships and scholarships to students at various stages of their journey to and through law school. We are happy to continue these important efforts and indebted to the donors who make it all possible. Thank you, Michael Foundation, for the contributions you make to Utah’s educational landscape and for your generous support of the UCLI mission.

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