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UCLI publishes manual for intern program

By April 5, 2021June 22nd, 2021News

As a nonprofit “best practice,” one of our goals at the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion is to begin standardizing and making available all of our program materials. In contrast to for-profit industries, this is considered a “best practice” because our focus is an issue, not a product. Thus, in theory, if our answer to a problem works and we can circulate and make available our solution as thoroughly as possible, we won’t need to exist anymore. Again, in contrast to for-profit industries, the goal of nonprofits is to not need to exist anymore. As it stands, however, we are actively engaged in addressing the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Utah legal profession. 

One of our programs includes our intern program. In an effort to standardize and make available our materials, we have created and distributed a program manual. These efforts were led by Lead Intern Isa Buoscio (pictured below). In 2021, we have brought on more interns than ever before, and they have quickly become the heart and soul of our organization. This year’s interns include Isa Buoscio, Layla Shaaban, Lizzie Jarrett, Jacob Buchanan, Lauren Nelson, Aranza Castillo, Bryn Linderman, Taylor Percival, Collin Mitchell, Ivan Brea, and Caity McKee. All in various stages of their undergraduate careers and representing a diversity of backgrounds and identities, we are so grateful for each of their contributions. They consistently demonstrate leadership, thoughtfulness, and passion as they carry out their assigned projects. 

We aim to provide an internship experience that introduces them as much to the nonprofit world as it does to the world of law, that connects them with like-minded individuals who understand the urgency of our mission, and that lays a foundation–– albeit unusual–– of insight into the current realities and future possibilities of Utah’s legal profession. 

Interested in joining the UCLI team as an intern? Send a resume and cover letter to for the chance to join us in Fall 2021.

Pictured: 2021 UCLI Interns (Winter and Summer)

Lizzie Jarrett, Aranza Castillo, Layla Shaaban, Lauren Nelson, Caity McKee, Taylor Percival, Ivan Brea, Collin Mitchell, Bryn Linderman, Isa Buoscio. Not pictured: Jacob Buchanan

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