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UCLI interns hear from Utah judges, attorneys, law students, and more

By June 18, 2021June 25th, 2021News

Over the last six months, UCLI’s interns have been lucky to hear from various leaders in Utah’s legal profession and beyond. Included among those who have taken the time to speak to our interns are Judge Clem Landau, Melinda Bowen, Che Arguello, Kate Conyers, Jesse Nix, Sadé Turner, Amber Stargell, David Bowen, Brigham Daniels, Sarah Martinez, Ryan Williams, Jacqueline Rosen, and more. 

The purpose behind these weekly meetings is to expose our interns–– many of whom are included among those groups who have been historically underrepresented–– to a variety of legal professionals and careers, and to make these individuals accessible to the interns. We have discussed clerkships, environmental law, family law, corporate law, nontraditional legal paths, criminal law, and others. In the coming months, we anticipate inviting attorneys who practice family law, immigration law, human rights law, federal law, and more, to connect with our interns and to help in laying a foundation for their confidence in becoming attorneys themselves.

We are grateful for those individuals who have agreed to present to our interns, and we are looking forward to continuing to learn from attorneys inside and outside the Utah legal community. If you or someone you know might be interested in speaking with UCLI’s interns in the coming months, please email us at .

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