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UCLI law student mentoring program open for mentor enrollment

By June 3, 2021June 22nd, 2021News

Salt Lake City, Utah: The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within Utah’s legal profession, has announced that the organization has opened enrollment for its mentoring program. UCLI is seeking current Utah attorneys from all backgrounds and expertise to enroll in this program. Enrolled mentors will work in tandem with another attorney and law student as a mentoring group.

The main purpose of this program is to empower law students from historically underrepresented groups to thrive in the legal profession by connecting them with practicing Utah attorneys as mentors. It is designed to build a sense of belonging in Utah’s legal community, to expose mentees to a wide range of career opportunities, and to help mentees develop the necessary professional skills to succeed in law school and beyond.

For those law students from numerous backgrounds who may not traditionally have access to mentorship, attorney mentors can make all the difference. As one of our enrolled law students shared, her mentors “made it clear that no conversation is off the table… [They are] incredibly valuable to those of us who are embarking on this journey somewhat blindly.“ 

For this and other law students, real mentorship can be hard to come by and we need your help to close that gap. 

Become a mentor today by enrolling here. To learn more about the program, please visit

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