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UCLI Encourages Secondary School Students to Consider Legal Careers During Career Fair Season

By May 9, 2024News

Each spring secondary schools across Utah hold career fairs to expose students to professionals from various careers. UCLI had the opportunity to participate in a number of these fairs to share with students the incredible opportunities available to them in the legal profession. UCLI Associate Director, Jon Wayas, was able to attend three of these events in March and April.

The first event was March 8 at the Utah Military Academy in Lehi, UT. This charter school focuses on career and college readiness with an emphasis on pursuing military service upon graduation. The school serves grades 7-12. This tabling event was a great way to connect with students and educate them on the ways attorneys serve all sectors of our society, including through military service.

Utah Military Academy

On April 10, Jon attended the career fair at Canyon View Junior High in Orem, UT. This fair was a breakout session style event. 8th grade students were able to pick from a variety of careers and were able to attend 30 minute presentations. This style was a great chance to elaborate more in-depth on what attorneys do, and what is needed to become an attorney. It also gave the students a chance to ask great questions about the legal profession. This format provided the chance to talk to over 125 students during the 3 hour event.

The final event on April 26 was with the Utah International Charter School based in South Salt Lake, UT. This was the third year we have been able to participate in this event. The school is open to all students. However, the student body is made up primarily of new immigrants and refugees. These students come from all over the world, with many coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. Despite some language barriers the event is a great chance to expose students to the legal profession, and to consider it an option for their future.

Utah International Charter School

We are honored to be asked to attend these events. They are extremely rewarding. We appreciate the chance to connect with students who are interested in the law, or who are open to learning more about the profession. UCLI is always looking to extend our reach to more students. If you are interested in having us come to the next career readiness event at your school contact us at . We look forward to sharing more with students in the 2024-2025 school year.

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