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Donor Spotlight: Florence J. Gillmor Foundation

By April 11, 2024News

The Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) likes to dream big for Utah’s legal community and students, but would not be able to actually implement programming without the vision and time of amazing attorney volunteers and leaders, or without the generous donations of foundations. 

UCLI is grateful to receive – for the sixth consecutive year – a grant award from the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation. The Gillmor Foundation aims to support many worthy initiatives within Utah, including the promotion of education and the pursuit of justice. UCLI and the Gillmor Foundation share a common vision for a state where students are supported in their educational pursuits and able to follow their vocations of choice, and UCLI is honored to be one of the recipients of their grant awards in 2024. We are also delighted to announce that the funds received from the Gillmor Foundation included a 1:1 matching grant for both the Michael Foundation grant award and for the individual donations and silent auction contributions at the UCLI Fundraiser Luncheon: Mentorship Matters on March 21, 2024. 

Like the Gillmor Foundation, UCLI is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for Utahns of all backgrounds. Thanks to this generous grant, UCLI will be able to continue its PLEDGE Program (Promoting Legal Education to Diverse Groups Everywhere). In 2024, these funds will allow us to work with students aspiring to be attorneys at every level – K-12, undergraduate, and those within law school – to provide crucial resources that will allow them to meet their goals. We are grateful to continue these vital efforts and are indebted to the donors who allow UCLI’s work to continue. Thank you, Gillmor Foundation, for the many ways you make Utah a more vibrant and inclusive community, and for your kind support of the UCLI mission.

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