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UCLI and Women of the World Legal Workshop Series

By June 8, 2023June 14th, 2023News

Women of the World is a non-profit organization that offers free year-round case management and advocates for the self-reliance of their clients. They believe that all women can embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world. UCLI is honored to partner with Women of the World this summer to host a six-part series of free legal workshops open to all members of the community. The workshop topics include: navigating the law in daily life, divorce and custody, immigration, workplace discrimination, general housing issues, as well as housing and rent discrimination. We welcome anyone who has an interest in expanding their knowledge regarding the law, and particularly those who have a refugee or immigrant background. UCLI strives to foster a safe and inclusive organizational environment for all people and believe that no matter one’s age, ethnic background, economic or legal status, it is important to know their rights. 

On June 1st, 2023, the first legal workshop was hosted at The Women of the World’s office and was presented by one of UCLI’s board members, Abby Dizon-Maughan. She is an associate attorney at Parsons who advocates for diverse groups within the community. The legal workshop was an interactive and informational opportunity for all participants to learn and ask questions about their basic rights. Abby went over rights to an equal education, privacy in education, what is informed consent, and interactions with the police. According to Abby, these are especially important to know for people of color who are unaware of their basic rights. She also shared how fulfilled she is by volunteer opportunities, like this one:

 “I recently had an opportunity to participate in the Women of the World’s legal workshop program. There I met with people from our community who are learning to navigate through and adapt to a new community. Being welcomed into this group felt a little like coming home and reminded me of the challenges my own parents faced when they came to the United States and had to learn how to participate in a system that seemed so natural to everyone else around them. To be able to provide some guidance, answer their questions, and offer some solutions to problems that many of us don’t have to think about as we move through our daily lives replenished my exhausted energy reserves. The appreciation I felt was heartfelt and rejuvenating. It reminded me of why I wanted to become a lawyer and an advocate.”

We would like to thank Abby Dizon-Maughan for helping us bring the community together and educating those who attended. We would also like to extend a great thank you to Ghinwa Hneide, WoW’s case manager, for facilitating the event and for interpreting the workshop into Arabic for non-native English speakers. Thank you also to Kafe Mamai, a Spice Kitchen Entrepreneur, for providing delicious catered appetizers for the event. Everyone’s contributions have created a positive impact by helping those who attended understand their legal rights and privileges in Utah. 


Join us for future sessions of the workshops, and spread the word to your friends with refugee and immigrant backgrounds; flier below.

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