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Networking Event Caps Off Another Year of Mentoring Program

One of UCLI’s main goals is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in Utah’s legal profession and UCLI understands the importance of networking when it comes to that goal being met. Networking not only helps build relationships, it also helps build confidence and helps an individual gain new perspectives, resources and opportunities. Unfortunately, individuals who come from underrepresented communities lack the relationships, confidence, resources and opportunities in a professional environment. That is why UCLI heavily emphasizes the importance of networking, to increase the diversity of the individuals that are networking and helping ones from underrepresented communities have the same access to opportunities, relationships, confidence and resources as everyone else.

On Friday, April 5 2024, UCLI hosted a speed networking event for the Utah Law Student Mentoring (ULSM) program, at the Edison House in Downtown Salt Lake City, where law students from the two law schools in Utah, S.J. Quinney School of Law and J. Reuben Law School, as well as attorneys from a variety of different fields, got to meet and interact with each other for an evening. Not only did law students and attorneys share similar interests, different ideas and contacts. There was also food and drinks served and gift cards earned over a game of bingo. 

The ULSM program looks forward to hosting more networking and skill building events to help expand resources, connections and opportunities within underrepresented individuals and helping everyone have the same opportunities that are beneficial to building one’s career in the legal field.

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