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Legal Workshop on Divorce and Custody

By June 14, 2023News

This summer, UCLI is delighted to be collaborating with Women of the World to facilitate six legal workshops to help enhance the community’s knowledge of the law. Women of the World is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower displaced women through customized service, community building, and economic empowerment. We want these workshops to align strongly with UCLI and Women of the World’s goal to foster safe, inclusive spaces. They are open to anyone, especially those with an immigrant or refugee background, who want to enhance their awareness of their rights and ask any questions they may have to a professional. The next four sessions will cover immigration, workplace discrimination, general housing issues, as well as housing and rent discrimination. 

Our second workshop was held on June 8th, 2023. At this workshop, experienced attorney and UCLI Board Member, Sadé Turner presented on Divorce & Custody matters. Turner practices civil litigation at Strong & Hanni law firm, specializing in family law and insurance-related issues. During this session, Turner spoke about protective orders, the rights of the parties in a custody battle, domestic violence, and much more. She opened the floor for questions and interacted with the workshop attendees. The process was highly interactive and informative, allowing all attendees to voice their concerns. 

For those seeking direct legal assistance, Turner recommended the Tuesday Night Bar at the Utah Law & Justice Center located at 645 South 200 East in Salt Lake City, UT. This service is held on the first four Tuesdays of each month between 5:30 and 7:00 pm. Volunteer attorneys will be present to provide consultations free of charge. 

We would like to thank Sadé Turner and her contributions to making the world of law more inclusive and accessible through this workshop. We would also like to thank Ghinwa Hneide, WoW’s case manager, for facilitating the event and for interpreting the workshop into Arabic for non-native English speakers. Lastly, a big thank you to Zaatar and Zayton, a Spice Kitchen Entrepreneur, for providing delicious catering for the event.

Join us for future sessions of the workshops, and spread the word to your friends with refugee and immigrant backgrounds; flier below.

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