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Legal Workshop on General Housing Issues

By July 20, 2023News

UCLI and Women of the World’s legal workshop series includes six free workshops aimed to enhance attendees’ knowledge of the law and their rights. Just one more workshop is left in this series and will be held on July 20 from 5:30-6:30 pm, covering housing and rent discrimination. We highly encourage anyone interested in learning more about housing and rent law to attend. Our fifth workshop was held on July 13, 2023 at the Women of the World offices with Daniel Crook, seasoned attorney at Utah Legal Services and specialist in landlord/tenant law, as the presenter. Crook was able to give a thorough overview of general housing issues, while also answering specific questions and concerns from workshop attendees. He recommended reaching out to organizations that aim for equality and justice, just like Women of the World and UCLI, for advice, resources, or a community in the event that a difficult housing issue arises. The workshop atmosphere was very informative and interactive. Throughout the event, Crook stressed the importance of knowing your rights and understanding what is deemed most important in legal proceedings. When asked for his biggest piece of legal advice concerning housing, Crook firmly responded with:

“There are a few things that you should always always do. Pay your rent, get everything in writing, communicate with your landlord, don’t just ignore things, especially don’t ignore eviction notices. And don’t let your landlord lock you without a court order, that’s illegal.”

We would like to thank Daniel Crook for providing his legal expertise at our fifth workshop. We would also like to thank Ghinwa Hneide for facilitating this event and serving as an Arabic translator. Thank you to Alan Dalloul Dalul who served as a Spanish translator. Lastly, thank you to Prime Corn for providing fantastic catering for this event.


Join us for future sessions of the workshops, and spread the word to your friends with refugee and immigrant backgrounds; flier below.

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