"UCLI's Mentoring Program Takes Off at Meadowlark Elementary"

Melina Shiraldi, esq.; Meadowlark Mentoring Chair

December ’20

No one gets where they are without the help of others. It is important to give back when you can. Giving back is what UCLI mentors are doing.

Every week, UCLI mentors meet virtually with sixth grade students from Meadowlark Elementary, a Title I school in Salt Lake City. Meadowlark’s mission is to empower and equip students to be successful and confident lifelong  learners. John Arthur, the 6th grade teacher who his students affectionately refer to as “Captain,” has such a passion and vision for his students. Captain was recently honored as the Utah Teacher of the Year. 

Last year, through UCLI’s K-12 mentoring program, attorneys went into the classroom and encouraged students to consider a career in the law. This year everything changed. Captain knew his students were at a disadvantage trying to navigate and master remote learning. He asked if UCLI could help connect mentors with his students – imagining the impact that the attorneys could have on the future of his students.

UCLI and its members stepped up. Attorneys and law students review and offer feedback to the sixth graders on their persuasive writing assignments. The mentoring provides a one-on-one learning opportunity that otherwise would not be available to the sixth graders. The mentors are really enjoying the chance to connect with the youth in our community. If you have 30 minutes and would like to be a mentor, please email us at

UCLI thanks the following mentors for their time and service: Casey Bond, Melinda Bowen, Dani Capernich, Christina Chan, Heather Chesnut, Nick Conte, Raj Dhaliwal, Adam Goff, Tony Graf, Brooke Gledhill, Alex Jacobson, Andrew Kolter, Wayne Latu, John Mangum, Allison Miles, Andy Morelli, Anne Morgan, Jeff Nelson, Rachel Phillips, Jazmynn Pok, Zach Scott, Chris Shiraldi, Melina Shiraldi, Rebecca Skordas, Sandra Steinvoort, Chris Wade, and Emily Walter.