Student Resources


UCLI’s Mentoring Program for diverse students is an evidence-based, comprehensive mentoring program that promotes equity and inclusion within Utah’s legal profession and justice system by providing students from underrepresented backgrounds with resources, opportunities, and networks of support aimed at facilitating their success in the legal profession. UCLI’s Mentoring Program is presently offering direct mentoring for diverse students at undergraduate institutions and law schools. Enroll as a mentee today!

Ambassador Program

UCLI’s Ambassador Program provides Utah high school and undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn more about law, law school, and legal careers while also creating opportunities for classmates with diverse backgrounds to get excited about law and law school and building community among diverse student leaders from across Utah passionate about law.  Read more about the Ambassador Program here.

Educational Webinars

UCLI’s Wednesday Webinars, a series on law school and legal careers, give Utah high school students, undergraduates, and law students the chance to learn from and ask questions of Utah’s attorneys and judges. Sessions are held weekly at 4 pm and cover such topics as: exploring legal careers, life as a law student, pathways to legal education, college and law school applications advice, and building professional networks. See here for details and registration.


UCLI provides financial support, including direct scholarship assistance, scholarships and financial aid presentation and advising, and a database of external scholarships for students from underrepresented backgrounds. See here for more information or to apply.