UCLI Proximity Task Force

“To make a difference in creating a healthier community . . . we’ve got to find ways to get proximate to the poor and the vulnerable. . . . [W]hen we isolate ourselves, when we allow ourselves to be shielded and disconnected from those who are vulnerable and disfavored we sustain and contribute to these problems. I am persuaded that in proximity there is something we can learn about how we change the world . . . [W]e’ve got to find ways to get closer to the disfavored, the marginalized, the excluded, the poor, the disabled. . . .
The power is in proximity.”

-- Bryan Stevenson, Attorney and Civil Rights Advocate

Overview and Opportunities

UCLI’s Proximity Task Force provides members of Utah’s legal profession with valuable opportunities to serve and interact with Utah’s marginalized and underserved communities. Upcoming projects in 2020 include:

    • Serving lunch at the Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center (Mondays)
    • Serving breakfast at the Homeless Youth Resource Center (Fridays)
    • Planning and hosting the Homeless Youth Prom in collaboration with the Homeless Youth Resource Center (October 2020)
    • Teaching classes at the Utah State Prison through the University of Utah’s Prison Education Project (UPEP).

Join the Proximity Task Force

To get involved in volunteering and/or organizing opportunities with UCLI’s Proximity Task Force, please contact Chair Kate Conyers at .