2024 UCLI and Kirton McConkie Pre-law Fellowship

The Pre-Law Fellowship aims to support up to ten individuals seriously interested in the study of law. The Fellowship includes an enrichment series of ten seminars on topics related to law school, the legal field, and law school application; access to a designated attorney mentor and law student mentor; a fully paid LSAT course; and reimbursement of any related expenses, such as law school applications, LSAT test fees, and travel to attend the seminars. The first seminar of the enrichment series will be held in March 2024; they will then be held on a monthly basis through December 2024. 

The Pre-Law Fellowship may be a good fit for you if you are passionate about entering the legal profession and practicing law in Utah, if you plan to apply to law school in the near future, if you don’t have attorneys in your family or network, and if you are eager to engage in a cohort program where you can feel connected, guided, and supported. Becoming a Pre-Law Fellow has less to do with a perfect or aspirational GPA, and much more to do with passion for the legal field and a commitment to moving forward with law school applications in the near future. 

For anyone interested in law school but who does not have immediate plans to apply, this is likely not the right opportunity for you. Please consider other UCLI opportunities, such as the Pre-Law Symposium (scheduled for October 20, 2023 at the University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law), the UCLI internship, or pre-law resources. Check back in with us the year you do plan to apply for law school.


The ultimate intent of the Pre-Law Fellowship is to increase the number of individuals from historically underrepresented groups in Utah’s legal profession. The Fellowship is designed to provide a pathway for people to practice law in the state of Utah. It is aimed at facilitating opportunities for undergraduate students or recent college graduates who seriously plan to pursue legal education and who have a long-term goal of practicing law in the state of Utah. Undergraduate students studying in the state of Utah are invited to apply, as are individuals who have family ties or who have previously lived in Utah. Students at undergraduate institutions outside of Utah will be considered if they have family ties or have previously lived in Utah, or if they intend to return to Utah for law school or to practice law. 


To be eligible, applicants must: 

  • Be a current undergraduate student or college graduate with an interest in becoming a lawyer
  • Reside in Utah, have a background in Utah, or have an intent to practice law in the state of Utah
  • Have a serious intent to apply to law school in by the end of 2025
  • Be at least a college junior by January 2024; note that graduates or more senior individuals intending to change careers are also eligible for this Fellowship
  • Display academic effort and progress; no minimum GPA
  • Be able to participate in monthly seminars of the enrichment series from March-December 2024
  • Have the potential to contribute meaningfully to the diversity of Utah’s legal profession. This includes, but is not limited to, candidates who are members of racial or ethnic minority groups; from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds; LGBTQ; or people with disabilities.


Pre-Law Fellows are expected to:

  • Participate in the monthly seminars in-person or remotely (flexibility will be provided for extenuating circumstances explained in advance)
  • Participate in the free LSAT preparation course offered through the Fellowship
  • Apply to law school by the end of 2025
  • Take the LSAT examination at least once by December 2024
  • Participate in intake and exit surveys

Selection Criteria

Awards are selected by a review committee appointed by UCLI. Applications are evaluated on the following: 

  • Demonstrated commitment to an inclusive legal profession and equitable society
  • Demonstrated commitment to applying to law school
  • Potential for future leadership

Note that these are the primary considerations for selection; we encourage all to apply, even if you meet only some of the criteria.

FAQ Section

Am I still eligible to apply if I have participated in another legal pipeline program?


Is the 2024 UCLI and Kirton McConkie Pre-Law Fellowship open to undocumented students? If so, are they required to have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?

The program is open to all undocumented students. There is no DACA requirement.

When is the application deadline?

All application materials must be received by January 31, 2024.

What are the program dates for accepted applicants?

The 2024 UCLI and Kirton McConkie Pre-Law Fellowship will run from March 2024 through December 2024.

Do I have to live in Utah to participate in the program?

Because we are dedicated to expanding the pipeline of diverse attorneys in the state of Utah, we have a preference for candidates who are based in Utah or who plan to ultimately practice law in Utah. Students at undergraduate institutions outside of Utah will be considered if they have family ties or have previously lived in Utah, or if they intend to return to Utah for law school or to practice law.

Will you offer travel stipends to attend the enrichment series monthly seminars?

Yes, we will offer travel stipends up to a certain amount per Fellow to attend the enrichment series monthly seminars. 

Will you offer travel stipends to the LSAT prep course?

No, Fellows are responsible for attending the LSAT prep course on their own without travel stipends. 

When are the LSAT preparation courses typically held and how often do they occur?

We determine the schedule for the LSAT prep course in the spring. In general, classes take place several weeknights per week, with supplemental sessions over the weekend.

What is expected of Fellows who are offered admission into the program?

Fellows are expected to participate in every workshop; act professionally, including meeting deadlines set forth by the program; participate in the LSAT preparation course; prepare and submit at least one law school application by December 1, 2024; and participate in the program from March 2024 through December 2024.

Can I contact the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion if I have additional questions?

Yes. Please send questions via email to .

Thank You to our 2024 Pre-Law Fellowship Sponsors:

Kirton McConkie, Champion Sponsor

LSAC DEI Pipeline

Utah Bar Foundation

University of Utah Office of General Counsel, Supporting Sponsor