• Outreach: Identifying and performing outreach efforts to community contacts at educational institutions (school administrators, teachers, affinity group leaders, etc.)
  • Legal Education Programming: Researching and developing curricula for school presentations, including PowerPoint presentations, presentation outlines, and other materials and activities for inspiring students at differing levels of education to pursue legal education
  • School Presentations: Delivering presentations about the importance and benefits of legal education at local schools (K-12, undergraduate, and/or law schools)
  • Media: Developing proposals for UCLI educational videos and other film/media/digital initiatives for communicating the importance of and benefits of legal education and the necessity of diversity in the legal profession


  • Direct Mentorship: Providing law-related mentorship and advising to students (undergraduate, law school) and new attorneys with diverse backgrounds
  • Mentoring Program Resource Development: Creating materials and resources for UCLI mentees, such as resume and cover letter templates and a database of law-related organizations and internship opportunities
  • Mentoring Taskforce Outreach: Forming relationships with community contacts at local high schools, undergraduate institutions, and law schools and recruiting diverse mentees from colleges and law school


  • Direct Outreach: Growing a database of community contacts and calendar of community events; identifying, organizing, and performing outreach to potential partners
 in Utah’s diverse communities in order to raise awareness about UCLI’s mission, programs, and events
  • Proximity Taskforce Planning and Organizing: Researching, developing, and participating in opportunities for legal professionals to serve Utah’s marginalized and disadvantaged populations, such as serving lunch at homeless shelters, volunteering at women’s centers, and other community-based service initiatives


  • Diversity Policy Research: Researching the components of successful workplace policies regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion and developing sample policies for UCLI’s Certification Program for legal employers
  • Legal Employer Resource Development: Researching and creating resources for legal employers on such topics as implicit bias training, flexible work arrangements, reasonable accommodations, and group exercises for fostering inclusivity


  • Research: Researching and compiling data on issues concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Tracking Strategy: Brainstorming and developing surveys to track diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in Utah’s legal profession


  • Grant Tracking and Writing: Maintaining and organizing UCLI’s database of funding sources and keeping UCLI on track for grant application deadlines; drafting requests and letters of inquiry for donations, grants, and sponsorships
  • Media: Developing and refining proposals for UCLI promotional videos and other campaigns communicating the importance of UCLI’s mission and programs; (optional): filming interviews of leaders in Utah’s legal community and participating in the editing and post-production phase for UCLI videos


  • Research: Creating a repository of resources (articles, websites, news stories, etc.) related to diversity, equity, & inclusion for UCLI’s website
  • Content Writing: Developing material (video, digital, social media, paper) for raising
 awareness about legal education and importance of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Media: Drafting press releases about UCLI news, events, and initiatives; creating informational graphics for UCLI’s website and social media
  • Photography: Attending and taking photos at UCLI events such as board meetings, Continuing Legal Education seminars, and other organizational programming
  • Website: Managing and developing UCLI’s website to best communicate UCLI’s mission, programs, and events to the broader community in Utah and beyond (requires understanding of WordPress)
  • Strategy: Brainstorming new campaigns and initiatives for implementing and/or raising awareness about UCLI’s mission, programs, news, and events