In-House Diversity & Inclusion Presentations

How and when does my organization schedule an in-house presentation with UCLI?

It is recommended that the organization’s first in-house presentation, which is required for the UCLI 2021 Certification program, be scheduled as early in the year as possible.  Other in-house presentations can be scheduled any time. Please contact us at  to inquire about topics, training packages, and other available resources.

Is there a fee associated with in-house presentations?

UCLI typically charges an honorarium of $250 for small organizations and $500 for larger organizations for its one-hour presentations. Multi-training packages are also available.

However, for the UCLI 2021 Certification Program participants, UCLI does not charge a fee for the first in-house presentation that is required for the UCLI 2021 Certification. Instead, UCLI encourages each organization to donate an amount suggested below.  This donation will support UCLI’s operations and program development and help UCLI be a greater resource to the organizations and our community.

While a 1-hour CLE credit typically costs around $25 per attorney, UCLI recommends a significantly reduced donation schedule:

  • $15 per attorney for organizations with 1-12 attorneys

  • $200 overall for organizations with 13-30 attorneys

  • $500 overall for organizations with 31-50 attorneys

  • $750 for organizations with 51+ attorneys

Donate to UCLI online or via check to UCLI’s Treasurer:

Attn: Bret Evans
Snell & Wilmer
15 W South Temple #1200
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

How does my organization obtain CLE credit for the presentation?

At this time, UCLI is working on obtaining a CLE Credit approval for the one-hour in-house presentations. UCLI is not responsible for conducting any other aspect of ensuring that an organization’s attorneys receive CLE Credit. UCLI recommends that each organization do the following should they wish to get CLE Credit: (1) conduct a registration of its attorney attendees for CLE credit; (2) process the registration with the Utah State Bar (i.e. provide the list to the Utah State Bar to process CLE credit for each attendee); and (3) verify that the credit has been awarded to each registrant. It is UCLI’s understanding that free CLE events do not require a payment for CLE credit, and if there is a cost, there may be a $25 processing fee + $1.50/attorney fee. More information about CLE credits can be found at

Who should attend the UCLI in-house presentation?

UCLI recommends choosing a date and time that would be most convenient for your organization’s management. The key persons who should be present are: the managing partner/board chair/president, board of directors, and other persons with decision-making authority concerning: hiring, promotions, compensation, development/marketing, summer programs, client/business development, and others. Other persons to invite include key HR persons and attorneys across your organization.

How do I encourage the management and others to attend?

Research shows that organizations’ employees tend to value things that the organizations’ leaders value. Therefore, by far, the best way to advertise this event is to have the most influential person(s) email/announce the event and treat this training as mandatory or very important for the organization. If you make a donation to UCLI for the presentation, it may encourage people to show up and “get their money’s worth.” In addition to choosing the most convenient date/time, you may also consider attracting attendance by providing a good breakfast or lunch. CLE credit should help.

I am a solo/very small organization. What do you recommend?

UCLI is happy to meet with you alone or set up a joint in-house presentation with another small organization. Email us at to specify your organization’s needs and suggest dates/times for a presentation.