Education Committee

UCLI’s Education Committee is developing a comprehensive education and mentoring initiative that will serve students in achieving academic and professional goals in the law, beginning in K-12 schools and continuing through undergraduate institutions and law schools.

Community Outreach Committee

UCLI’s Community Outreach Committee will build partnerships with local businesses and chambers of commerce to raise awareness and build support for legal inclusion efforts.  The Outreach Committee will also partner with community groups and organizations serving diverse and marginalized populations in an effort to develop more effective programs and plans that meet the legal needs of diverse community interests.  Through these efforts, UCLI aims to (i) ensure that all Utahns understand and trust Utah’s courts and justice system, (ii) increase proximity between lawyers and diverse populations in Utah, and (iii) amplify access to justice efforts around the state. 

Advancement Committee

UCLI’s Advancement Committee supports and encourages professional advancement for all attorneys. As a continuation of the mentoring efforts developed by the Education Committee, UCLI will develop an initiative that supports attorneys by providing mentoring and advancement opportunities from the time an attorney enters the legal profession in Utah and throughout her or his legal career. As a particular area of focus, UCLI will promote inclusion on Utah’s bench by identifying and preparing qualified judicial candidates with diverse backgrounds and assisting the candidates during the appointment process.

Organizational Inclusion Committee

UCLI’s Organizational Inclusion Committee works with attorneys, legal employers, and Utah’s business community to develop programs, including a UCLI Certification Program, to ensure inclusive work environments, satisfy client diversity requirements, and provide relevant training. UCLI will also assist with inclusion training and practices for the judiciary to help eliminate potential biases on the bench.

Tracking Progress Committee

UCLI’s Tracking Progress Committee works with the Utah State Bar and other partners to gather reliable data reflecting the current demographics of Utah’s legal profession and track the progress of inclusion initiatives over time.

Development Committee

UCLI’s Development Committee will oversee fundraising efforts to ensure UCLI’s long-term sustainability.